A smashing CAKE smash deal..

Recently on my facebook page i posted asking if people were interested in Cake Smash shoots for their year old babies. I got a great response to my surprise. The idea is you give a one year old a beautiful cake and photograph them while they discover it!! Sound like fun!?

I am offering one shoot as a casting call, which means that the shoot is without charge and you receive a 5×7 printed image of your choice from the session. Any other images would be available to you with a 10% discount.

As i had such a great response i decided to still offer my casting call but also to offer out to other interested families an option to have a Cake Smash shoot at a discounted package rate. Which will be £90.00 and for that you can choose 3 images from the shoot on DVD. This is a real bargain (an incredible saving of £75.00). This will also include the price of the cake and they will be made by the fabulously talented Lizzie from Lizzie’s Larder.

If you are interested please get in touch!! I will only be offering these sessions to a few clients!

thanks again



I have been asked a lot recently about mini-sessions. I have had a lot of people contact me asking me if they can book an hour or so of my time and a dvd. So in response to those requests I have advertised for mini- sessions in the school holidays of Easter, May half term and for the super prepared for christmas, the October half term as well for the bargain price of £120

Since putting it up on facebook all my slots available for Easter break have already been booked. Looks like its a popular thing. Here are some details if you are interested please get in touch!

Mini sessions are different to my full sessions in the following ways:

  • You will only have 30/40 minutes of my time so we will only be doing some basic family shots and individual shots of the kids.
  • I am unlikely to bring props. I use them for my full shoots.
  • You will have the images loaded to dropbox or by email not on DVD
  • These prices are based on single families. Extended families will have to go via the normal shoot prices and times or book another mini sessions themselves.
  • If the weather is bad, the shoot will have to be re-scheduled, a studio shoot will not be offered as an alternative
  • You will receive 10 images. There is not an option for customizable editing and a choice of images through a gallery. I will edit 10 images only.
  • Images are not customizable, as in changing to black and white etc. I always edit a selection of both black and white and colour in a set of 10.
  • You will need to send a deposit to secure your spot of half the value of the shoot. The remainder is due on the day.


Its a new year…

What a wonderful year i have had meeting so many lovely families. New baby to teenagers, it has been quite a year. Thanks so much for all your support. I am totally honoured to be play a tiny part in documenting your family story.

Here is a little re-cap from the past year.


A fun family of three…

One of the best things about being a photographer is seeing families grow. I met these three little live wires way over a year ago when the baby sister was just about 8 months old. She is now a cute and very lovely 2 year old and her older twin brother and sister are now nearly 4.

How time flies.

So lovely to see them all again. Thanks to Mum and Nan for providing some great entertainment behind the lens!!